The Power of Your Local SEO Expert is Worldwide

I have recently been learning more and more about SEO. I think I know enough now where I can actually have a conversation with one and kind of understand what they are talking about. At one time it was like Greek to me. I would get lost quick in the conversation. The more SEOs that I talk to the more I understand. They all have their own twist with everything. I know it would be hard to find two that do the exact same things with their clients. I guess that is what makes them all so interesting to talk with.

I know I was sitting down at a local coffee shop close by the university. I overheard these students talking about the Jacksonville, AL SEO.  They were bragging about how amazing he was building their site about smartwatches. They acted like he was some amazing person. The thing is I know him. He lives right down the road from these kids and they do not even know it. He does work in so many different cities. Even in cities that are hours away from him. The is the power of being a top SEO! You can be a New York SEO. There is no limit!

A Panama City SEO or a Birmingham SEO Doesn’t Matter

I know a lot of people who own their own business now have a web page. I also know many of them still use the yellow pages to advertise for their business. Now when is the last time that you have used the yellow pages? If you are like most people these days it has been years. If you ever need to look for something most people just Google it. If I had my own business I would say goodbye to the yellow pages and say hello to Google.

Many business owners know the power of the internet and are willing to use it. They just do not know where to get help from. I know many people still like to go to a place of business and talk to someone face to face. Honestly, those days are over. I know this Birmingham SEO who lives in that area. He is also known online as a Panama City SEO. See you do have to have your local SEO expert live in your area to give you top notch work. They can live anywhere and still work for you. I know many SEOs who work from home. By working from home they can give people better prices. No rent is good for you!

Where is Your Local SEO Expert

Have you ever wonder how Google does all of their rankings? I know if you are like me, that question has crossed your mind a few times. I have always wondered what was Google’s secret sauce. I know that there are a lot of people out there with websites that wish they knew the answer to that question. I have recently discovered that there are people out there that can get your website ranked on Google’s first page! I have many friends who pay them to be on their first page and it is not very cheap.

So who can you call to help you get your web page ranked? You can call your local SEO expert. What does SEO stand for you may ask: Search Engine Optimization. I really do not have any idea on how they do what they do but I know it works. I have a really good friend of mine who is a Birmingham SEO and he is one of the best around. What he lacks in height he makes up for in SEO! He actually can do all you website work for you if you needed him too. I have seen him get many web pages ranked. Who is your local SEO expert?

Your Local SEO Expert and Web Design

A lot of business owners that have web sites contract out to many people to do certain things on their site. A few years ago I understand why people did that. I know many people with computer science degrees. They can build you a site and a program if you need it. In the past 10 years so much has changed online. A lot of people these days are self-taught with many things they do online. You really can find many people out there that know how to do everything to your website including getting it ranked on Google.

Seo’s can do all your web designing for you. They really are the jack of all trades! I am sure many specialize in certain areas but they know how to do it all. So why would anyone spend the extra time contacting multiple people for their web work when all they need is one? I mean is that not why smartphones have taken over the market today. All in one is where it is at. So I always suggest that you find your local SEO expert and get them to do all your work for you. Instead of having to keep in touch with 3 people just cut it down to 1.